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How can you know what is being hidden from you? I suspect my daughters school and TAFE hid things from me, making it virtually impossible to fulfil my responsibilities to her.
I know that no one checked any details with us before offering her emergency accommodation. She was not unsafe with us, and is welcome home.
What I believe was making her miserable was living a psychologically split life she could not reconcile. She is probably a typical combination of ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and a lesbian who was bullied every day of her schooling, first for being odd then for being suspected of being a lesbian. She was immersed in Tumblr, and suddenly has friends.
In choosing between reality with devastating loneliness and a fantasy with friends, she chose to be part of a social group that affirmed her. That is an understandable teenage development stage, to seek a group.
What is unforgivable is the fracturing of her from us as the price for that.
Now we know more, we assume she was encouraged to view us as enemies and not to be trusted. Or that to keep her place in her new world she claimed we were enemies so that no one would out her to us. Or both. Either way, people knew and they kept us in the dark.
We were found guilty of something with no knowledge it was happening, no chance to speak, to protect, to preserve, to defend. That tells me they are not interested in recognising how damaging it is to split a child from their family connections, or that they do know and it was part of a deliberate grooming technique to make her even more dependent on them.
This is happening in plain sight, by policy, by safeguarding professionals, it is unconscionable.
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My teenage daughter in the ACT was given quasi-therapeutic “trans counselling” by the public school nurse that included a fortnightly questionnaire about suicidal thoughts.
After 9 months of prompting she started answering yes to that question, at which point the questionnaire unfolded to ask her about specific suicidal plans. After another semester of this treatment she had of course formed concrete suicidal plans.
When the inevitable crisis came (hospitalised but no tragedy), we were told that non-affirmed trans kids were a significant suicide risk, and affirmation was presented as the only viable alternative.
The pattern was 1) active coaching for suicidal ideation (public school); then 2) trans-gender affirmation blackmail (CALMS public health system).
Together these lunatics are cultivating suicidal thoughts in trans-identifying girls and making them a badge of social honour, they are either grossly incompetent or totally wicked.

Updated: May 4, 2022

IDAHOPIT Day. My children go to a state school, son is in yr 8. The teachers set up a "play with your gender" table and made all the kids take turns walking past it and look at things and pick up fliers, just to make sure that any kid who felt embarrassed to do so wouldn't stand out.

There were padded bras, make-up samples, breast binders, fliers on how to 'tuck' penis and testicles, penis packers (they look like child dildos- what the heck!). The teacher even tried to get the boys to try make-up even after they said no repeatedly.

My son said he felt disgusted and humiliated, and his friends felt the same. But they'd just had all these lessons on how not being 'an ally' can make trans kids suicide and so they all just shut up and took some fliers and then put them down on a table around corner.

If this table was set up at my work, someone would get fired. And if someone tried to pressure me to touch all that stuff- someone would get sued for sexual harassment. Why was my son treated like this?

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