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Resources - School Sex & Gender Guidelines

We have developed comprehensive school guidelines for teachers and parents, in consultation with teachers, health professionals, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & transexual communities and lawyers. It is intended to provide guidance for schools on how to safely meet the needs of students who identify as gender non-conforming, without compromising the safety and integrity of the greater school community.

As it currently stand, we have a core document with a section specific to the laws and policies for the Tasmanian, Victorian, ACT etc. version.  

There is currently no national document which provides explicit guidance to schools to address the challenges raised by recent developments in discussions around sex, gender, and gender identity as these relate to students. Where state-based policy guidelines exist, these may not take into consideration the most recent medical evidence, which indicates that some widely-accepted courses of action such as 'social transitioning' in minors can lead to unplanned and harmful consequences. Schools may also be subject to dubious guidance from groups with a particular political agenda, which can compromise the ability of such groups to provide evidence-based information.

We plan to make the guidelines available in both hardcopy and digital edition to every school in Australia, with QR codes linking to state-specific legislation and further information.

The purposes of the guidelines are as follows:

  • To provide factual, up-to-date information to school leadership on the types of transition (social, medical, and surgical) that a growing percentage of students in Australia are undergoing

  • To orient school leadership to their roles as safeguarding entities in relation to their ongoing duty of care

  • To provide guidance on how schools can develop internal policies that take into account their obligation to safeguard all students, considering the importance of correctly recording student sex, the rights of students - particularly girls and those from different cultural backgrounds - to safety and dignity at schools, and the rights of students to participate in all school activities with a reasonable expectation of safety

  • To provide reassurance to schools that their existing safeguarding policies already provide a strong foundation for the development of internal guidelines to support students who identify as gender non-conforming

  • To articulate to schools their role as educational bodies rather than as active participants in a process of social transitioning, which is a significant psychosocial intervention the implementation of which must not be undertaken without explicit and specific guidance from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Guidelines sent to Western Australia and Tasmania, averaged 96% open and read rates:
e.g. Western Australia



Independent Australian Guidelines on Sex and Gender in Schools (TAS) 

Independent Australian Guidelines on Sex and Gender in Schools (WA) 

Independent New Zealand Guidelines on Sex and Gender in Schools
VIC, NSW, SA, ACT and NT Legal approvals pending.

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Paper for the Family Law Profession Gender Identity in children and adolescents (May 2023)

"Australia’s Family Court, which relied on testimony from gender-affirming clinicians when liberalising access to hormonal and surgical treatments for minors, has been left “largely unaware” of the intense debate about these poorly evidenced medical interventions. This is the claim of a landmark paper by family law barrister Belle Lane urging judges to catch up and come to grips with the profound questions raised by an unprecedented international surge in teenagers, chiefly girls, seeking medicalised gender change."

Overview of the Therapeutic Landscape

A model of how gender identity versus material evidence maps to therapeutic models, attitudes and activism.

Social Transitioning in Schools The Risks & Harms  (TAS)


Social Transitioning in Schools The Risks & Harms (WA)

Appendix section - Focusing on the risks and harms of the first stage of gender transitioning; Social Transitioning.
Seperate booklets made customised per the differing Australian State Laws. New Zealand version, customised by Resist Education.NZ to come soon.


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