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consequences for students

From day-care to year 12, children are being taught to 'explore' and 'play with' their sexual orientation and 'gender identity'.

curriculum k-12

1. Neutral, health based sex-education has been replaced with age-inappropriate,

erotic sexual materials that encourage high risk sexual behaviours.

Children are taught:

  • to view their sexual orientation as 'fluid' & 'changeable', and to explore 'different sexualities'

  • to view heteronormativity- the prevalence of heterosexuality in society- as negative

  • that having to get monthly STI testing is a 'normal part of sex'

  • that consent and legal age are the two main considerations when pursuing sex

  • how to access abortion drugs & surgical abortions

  • how to cancel their parents access to their Medicare records

  • to share intimate personal information about their sexual experiences and preferences with their teacher/class

  • to take part in role plays about sexual 'ethics'

  • about uses for pornography & sex toys, and about sex acts like 'analingus, rimming, cunnilingus' etc

  • that homosexual is 'same gender attraction', rather than 'same-sex attraction'

2. Neutral, objective biological science education has been replaced with ideological, biased, gender ideology.

Children are taught:

  • that if their personalities don't match sexist stereotypes they might have born in 'the wrong body'

  • that statements about biological reality (eg. women don't create sperm) are transphobic

  • that the need and desire for sex-based privacy, dignity and identity are not as important as other people's 'gender identities'

3. Culturally neutral/balanced curriculums have been replaced with biased lessons in political activism & fundraising.

Children are taught:

  • to view those who disagree with any aspect of the LGBTQI+ worldview are motivated by bigotry and are to be viewed as 'enemies'

  • that people who want to be viewed as 'allies' of LGBTQI+ communities have to 'prove' themselves, by making repeated public shows of affirmation and/or apologies for past/structural discrimination

  • to use class time and external support groups to put pressure on their school entire school community to publicly affirm LGBTQI+ ideology

  • to organise and/or attend LGBTQI+ political rallies

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I don't

like the role plays. they're creepy and embarrassing and I don't know why we have to do them. 

- Sara, 14.

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