Suicidal?we don't take 'no' for an answer.

My teenage daughter in the ACT was given quasi-therapeutic “trans counselling” by the public school nurse that included a fortnightly questionnaire about suicidal thoughts.
After 9 months of prompting she started answering yes to that question, at which point the questionnaire unfolded to ask her about specific suicidal plans. After another semester of this treatment she had of course formed concrete suicidal plans.
When the inevitable crisis came (hospitalised but no tragedy), we were told that non-affirmed trans kids were a significant suicide risk, and affirmation was presented as the only viable alternative.
The pattern was 1) active coaching for suicidal ideation (public school); then 2) trans-gender affirmation blackmail (CALMS public health system).
Together these lunatics are cultivating suicidal thoughts in trans-identifying girls and making them a badge of social honour, they are either grossly incompetent or totally wicked.

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