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Puberty blockers

Why give healthy kids a killer drug?

Non-conforming kids said to be ‘born in the wrong body’ are put on Puberty blockers, advertised on as Triptorelin, Goserelin, or Leuprorelin (brand names Lupron, Eligard, Zoladex, Triptodur). This is ironically part of  the misleading term; ‘gender affirming care’. 

Short term harms of puberty blockers ON CHILDREN


  • Headaches, hot flushes, weight gain, tiredness, low mood and anxiety, reduction in bone density, bone fractures, blurred vision, vision loss.


  • The Karolinska Institute (Sweden) has also reported liver damage, unexplained weight gains, mental health problems, spinal fractures, osteopenia, and failure to grow.


  • Increase in behavioural and emotional problems in girls, including an increase in wanting to “deliberately try to hurt or kill self.”


Long term harms of puberty blockers on children


  • Loss of fertility/sterilisation as ova & sperm won’t mature.


  • Loss of sexual function and capacity to orgasm: young people given blockers at tanner from 10-11 yrs old who go onto cross-sex hormones will have reduced capability to orgasm, which may impact their ability to enjoy intimate relationships.


  • Level of puberty resumption after blocker use is stopped: unknown.


  • Effects on brain development: unknown. Concerns raised about negative impact on IQ, long-term spatial awareness, reaction time and missing out on a window for critical cognitive development.


  • Impact on the growth of all major organs; heart, lungs, genital tissue etc.


  • June 2022 the FDA received 60,400 reports of adverse reactions to common GnRH agonists, (puberty blockers), including over 7,900 deaths.*



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