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consequences for teachers

SOGI Curriculums & policies require teachers to use sexually inappropriate materials, lie to parents and gaslight students.

state law & school policy

Require teachers  to:

  • withhold information from and lie to parents about their child's 'new gender identity'        (where the school deems parents likely to be 'unsupportive')

  • withhold information and consent from students & their families about being allocated shared camping facilities, including bedrooms, tents, shower blocks & toilets etc, with a student of the opposite sex

  • affirm the right of male teachers with a transgender identity to supervise female student change rooms & toilets

  • ignore sex-specific, child safe-guarding norms designed to protect children from harm and staff from false accusations of harm

  • erode the good and wise professional boundaries between students and teachers,                    with humiliating and inappropriate role plays, surveys, discussion prompts etc.

  • punish student's attempts to maintain sex based privacy in toilets & change rooms as 'bullying'

  • punish student's efforts to avoid using incorrect or made up pronouns as 'bullying'.

  • conduct class exercises designed to isolate and intimidate students who hold traditional views about sexuality and gender, eg. use of divisive 'allies' vs 'enemies' language 

  • encourage LGBTQI+ students to view themselves as oppressed, simply because they live in a 'majority heteronormative' society & some people disagree with their views.

  • if teachers attempt to persuade a child to accept their biological sex and stop identifying as 'transgender, they will be mandatorily reported as child abusers or perpetrators of 'family violence'. In Victoria, they would face loss of their teaching license, fines of approximately $200,000 and jail terms of up to ten years.

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I can't

believe I'm being told to lie to parents! this isn't right & it'll end

in tears. 

- Mr. T.

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