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Hello, I am fed up with being gaslit by NSW DET.

One of my daughter's half yearly report used "gender neutral pronouns" leading to the comment section reading as "Lucy did well at x. Lucy is good at x. They are.... They can...".

My daughter is not a group, she is not a they. She is a she, because she is a biological female child. This is not rocket science. Sex is binary and no one has ever changed sex. When I wrote to the Principal (who is an amazing lovely lady, but diligent to the gender inclusive policy pushed from the top down), she replied, "Thank you for your opinion that sex is binary. We will adjust Lucy's report to show her preferred pronouns".

I was gobsmacked at how embedded this gender inclusive ideology is in the NSW DET. Last November 2022, I made a complaint that a staff member at the school was using "preferred pronouns" in her e-signature. I was given the illusion my feedback was important, but basically shown that she was doing nothing wrong because of the gender inclusive policy. It all comes back to the policy.

Objective reality is a real thing. Not everything is a social construct. How can I join other parents who want to return back to schools teaching the 3 Rs and leave sexual indoctrination at the door? Groups like yours are a good meeting point for parents to gate keep what their kids are being taught.


I am a parent at a well known private school on Barkers Road in Kew. Over the summer break, the school has put the gender ideology Progress Pride Flag on its public facing school main gates for all the children to see. This gate is at the entrance to the drop off area and car park, so every kid will see at some point.

We parents were NOT consulted and this comes on top of the constant gender ideology messaging they are receiving in classes. In their library for primary school students there are dozens of books on “LGBTQ+” themes including “The Gender Wheel: a story about bodies and gender for everybody”.

If this isn’t indoctrination I don’t know what is.


I'm a teacher and have worked in girls schools my whole career. Having received an all girl's education myself I found it empowering- we had our own space and could always be the lead in the school play!

At the school I just left there was a big trans movement and the school psychs were dealing with so many instances of older kids grooming younger ones and kids wanting to take hormone blockers only to decide later that they actually didn't want to. It was concerning them that these children were so influenced by anonymous people online that had a political agenda that could cause long term physical and psychological harm later on when they can't have kids of their own because of choices made when they were too young to understand the consequences. Having had to do ivf myself to have kids and experiencing the anguish of natural infertility, I share these concerns.

Furthermore, I've had many friends and colleagues suggesting that all girls schools are likely to become a thing of the past - which seems ludicrous considering women are still not treated equally.

Teaching literature, it has concerned me that the kids see feminist theory as irrelevant and out of date.

It seems to me professionally, that rather than becoming more inclusive, we're actually going backwards when it comes to women and girls ability to hold space in society - and as a woman, mother and teacher of mostly girls and some trans people, this concerns me for our place as women in a society which is still inherently sexist.

The debate is non-existent and so easily shut down by calling someone a TERF. What is this doing for critical thinking and true diversity of opinion and identity? #SingleSexSpaces #GirlsSchools #Grooming

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