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I am a parent at a well known private school on Barkers Road in Kew. Over the summer break, the school has put the gender ideology Progress Pride Flag on its public facing school main gates for all the children to see. This gate is at the entrance to the drop off area and car park, so every kid will see at some point.

We parents were NOT consulted and this comes on top of the constant gender ideology messaging they are receiving in classes. In their library for primary school students there are dozens of books on “LGBTQ+” themes including “The Gender Wheel: a story about bodies and gender for everybody”.

If this isn’t indoctrination I don’t know what is.

  • Defend Children

I'm a teacher and have worked in girls schools my whole career. Having received an all girl's education myself I found it empowering- we had our own space and could always be the lead in the school play!

At the school I just left there was a big trans movement and the school psychs were dealing with so many instances of older kids grooming younger ones and kids wanting to take hormone blockers only to decide later that they actually didn't want to. It was concerning them that these children were so influenced by anonymous people online that had a political agenda that could cause long term physical and psychological harm later on when they can't have kids of their own because of choices made when they were too young to understand the consequences. Having had to do ivf myself to have kids and experiencing the anguish of natural infertility, I share these concerns.

Furthermore, I've had many friends and colleagues suggesting that all girls schools are likely to become a thing of the past - which seems ludicrous considering women are still not treated equally.

Teaching literature, it has concerned me that the kids see feminist theory as irrelevant and out of date.

It seems to me professionally, that rather than becoming more inclusive, we're actually going backwards when it comes to women and girls ability to hold space in society - and as a woman, mother and teacher of mostly girls and some trans people, this concerns me for our place as women in a society which is still inherently sexist.

The debate is non-existent and so easily shut down by calling someone a TERF. What is this doing for critical thinking and true diversity of opinion and identity? #SingleSexSpaces #GirlsSchools #Grooming

  • Defend Children

to whom it may concern,

firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised' a group claims to be.

I would like to share my story about a trans child in my son's class. My son is 7 years old, and whilst I personally take great issue with allowing someone so young to change something as important as their gender, this story centres a child who the teachers are insisting we now refer to using female pronouns and the name Holly.

Prior to being called Holly, my son was good friends with this child. Now, however, he reports that 'she' brings up 'her' "gender" whenever 'she' gets in trouble. I tried speaking to the child's parents, but they simply told me it was none of my business and made disparaging comments about my religion.

The specific story I want to tell involves a toy called 'bop it', that gives orders which the child then follows: such as 'hit it', or 'pull it'. I believe the toy fosters good listening and attention to detail; yet when my son was playing with the toy, Holly came over and took it from him. When he complained, Holly then said that 'she' would play bop-it with him instead. At this point, 'she' began pulling on my son's limbs, as well as hitting him in the nose, whilst saying "bop-it!" and "hit-it!". My son was utterly humiliated.

the teachers have refused to punish Holly for fear of getting in trouble, and now my son hates his 'bop it' toy, even though it was only this most recent holiday season that I bought it for him. Now, my own son is talking about changing his gender, and I believe it is so he can fit in with 'Holly' and bring 'her' merciless bullying to an end. I appreciate being given the opportunity to speak about this distressing situation, even if anonymously.

Regards, a concerned father." #bullying #transchild

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