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  • Defend Children

My niece who is 14 years often hesitated to attend PE and I always forced her to go for it, as I assumed it is related to sports. I was shocked to hear from my sister that she saw the pdf lesson which had scenario where a girl was tired after sports and they asked students to do role play on how to tell her boyfriend that they can "DO IT" (sex) today.

We encourage children to focus on studies and they will know when the time is right ( which as per me is at least after 18). They were also given information such as 80-90% girls have had sex at least once by 15 years of Age. I have seen chats where my niece and some of their friends feel the pressure or feel the odd one out as they don't have boyfriend or haven't had sex.

I don't consider this education, normalising sex at an early age and pushing it as a norm is not what I want kids to learn. I studied in India we had ethical education, they did teach girls about periods and hygiene in high school. As a part of ethical subject we were encouraged to meditate and how to stay stable in tough times, how not to judge other and handle anxiety and depression.

I don't think kids should be forced to decide on their sexuality, as they evolve they can choose whatever path they like and this propaganda has rather hampered my niece's confidence, she feel ashamed of facing the students she attended class with.


Our school just announced a "Rainbow Lounge- a safe place for LGBTQIA+ people, their friends and allies to come together." It implies that they are in danger- that's not a good message to give to little children. Why frighten them?

And I’m not sure that having a seperate space and inviting these kids, their friends and ALLIES is inclusive at all. The opposite of ally is enemy. So any kid not comfortable or not wanting to go in is an enemy.

I also know from a teacher at a government primary school that they’ve been told not to say “boys and girls” anymore but “Students”. So we have to use the wrong pronouns but aren't allowed to say 'boys and girls". This makes no sense.

  • deemings
I do relief teaching and a grade 3 girl said ‘I’m a girl and nobody’s going to tell me I’m not!’ I replied with ‘definitely, of course you’re a girl!’ She was angry that people were trying to confuse her.
So much damage is being done to young children and their confusion is terrible.
I also heard a boy at the same school saying that boys who marry boys can have babies because boys can give birth too!!!
What is the world coming to??
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