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teacher brought padded Bras for boys & chest binders for girls.

Updated: May 4, 2022

IDAHOPIT Day. My children go to a state school, son is in yr 8. The teachers set up a "play with your gender" table and made all the kids take turns walking past it and look at things and pick up fliers, just to make sure that any kid who felt embarrassed to do so wouldn't stand out.

There were padded bras, make-up samples, breast binders, fliers on how to 'tuck' penis and testicles, penis packers (they look like child dildos- what the heck!). The teacher even tried to get the boys to try make-up even after they said no repeatedly.

My son said he felt disgusted and humiliated, and his friends felt the same. But they'd just had all these lessons on how not being 'an ally' can make trans kids suicide and so they all just shut up and took some fliers and then put them down on a table around corner.

If this table was set up at my work, someone would get fired. And if someone tried to pressure me to touch all that stuff- someone would get sued for sexual harassment. Why was my son treated like this?


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