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Please, Take a Stand for Our Children and Their Rights in NSW

In Australia, a new ideology is compromising families, endangering children, and challenging parents' rights to guide their children's upbringing. This mindset promotes the idea that children can be "born in the wrong body", advocating for "gender identity" over biological fact. It encourages drastic, untested procedures like 'gender affirming care', which involves irreversible chemical and surgical interventions on children. Not only is there a lack of evidence supporting these treatments' safety, but they also have grave potential health consequences. Activists are pressuring parents into consenting to these treatments, leveraging threats of self-harm. Schools are also propagating this ideology, often bypassing parental consent or knowledge.

Did you know that NSW remains the sole state that doesn't mandate 'gender affirming care'? 

We stand at a critical juncture. If we don't voice our concerns against the proposed bill by Labor and Greenwich, we risk compromising the welfare of our children and eroding the inherent rights of families to make decisions in their best interest.

Here's How You Can Help

The Women’s Forum Australia has been at the forefront of this cause and allows us to amplify our shared concerns.

1. Sign the Petition:

                                    PROTECT WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN NSW


2. Make Your Voice Heard:
Use our provided resources to draft letters to NSW lower house politicians. Whether you're concerned about self-identification, changes in Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates, or the medicalisation of children and their referral to gender clinics, we have information to guide you:

Together, we can protect the well-being of our children and uphold family rights.

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