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consequences for parents

Mums & Dads have no parental rights if schools choose to socially &/or medically transition their child.

sogi policies & procedures

1. Once enrolled in a state school, parents lose rights to give or withhold consent for                             transgender lessons, social and medical transition. If they do not support the school's decision  

 (which by law, automatically has to be affirmative) they can lose custody of their children, be fined  

  and even go to jail. 

  • Schools have the power to declare any student a 'mature minor' (which means they can consent to their own medical treatment), without a psychological evaluation or a medical diagnosis.

  • 'An adult at the school' can deem parents to be a 'danger' to the mental health of their own child without a formal welfare investigation, and lie to those parents about their child's new 'transgender' identity.

  • Schools can facilitate appointments with gender clinics during school hours, during which the 'mature minor' may be prescribed puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and eventually referred on for surgery. 

  • If parents do find out and try to object, principals have the power to ban those parents from the school.

  • Further, if the parents make any attempt to persuade their child to accept their sex and love their body as it is, they will be mandatorily reported as child abusers. In Victoria, they would face loss of custody, fines of approximately $200,000 and jail terms of up to ten years.

  • All these things can happen whilst the child is still living at home with the very same parents, whom the school has deemed unfit to be trusted with information about their child's 'gender identity'

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I feel so


I can't believe my 13 year old daughter's teachers encouraged her to bind her breasts at school. she's got an

eating disorder

now too.

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