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NSW Department of Education defaults kids to 'non-binary'- 'they/them'

Hello, I am fed up with being gaslit by NSW DET.

One of my daughter's half yearly report used "gender neutral pronouns" leading to the comment section reading as "Lucy did well at x. Lucy is good at x. They are.... They can...".

My daughter is not a group, she is not a they. She is a she, because she is a biological female child. This is not rocket science. Sex is binary and no one has ever changed sex. When I wrote to the Principal (who is an amazing lovely lady, but diligent to the gender inclusive policy pushed from the top down), she replied, "Thank you for your opinion that sex is binary. We will adjust Lucy's report to show her preferred pronouns".

I was gobsmacked at how embedded this gender inclusive ideology is in the NSW DET. Last November 2022, I made a complaint that a staff member at the school was using "preferred pronouns" in her e-signature. I was given the illusion my feedback was important, but basically shown that she was doing nothing wrong because of the gender inclusive policy. It all comes back to the policy.

Objective reality is a real thing. Not everything is a social construct. How can I join other parents who want to return back to schools teaching the 3 Rs and leave sexual indoctrination at the door? Groups like yours are a good meeting point for parents to gate keep what their kids are being taught.


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