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In defence of children

this website is to collect testimonies from teachers and parents about the impacts of gender identity ideology in school

'In Australian schools, why are some children being told they may have been ‘born in the wrong body’? And why are they being told they can use drugs and surgery to ‘fix’ this ‘wrong body’?  

Why is a child who suddenly ‘changes their gender’ being celebrated as if it’s an instant solution to feelings of unhappiness, and a guaranteed gateway to the perfect life? And why are parents and teachers being urged to support this change, and discouraged from exploring underlying problems?

These concepts around gender are in no way based on science or evidence - they grew out of unproven academic theories that have crept into the education system via pressure from activists. And yet, unbelievably, schools are now promoting these ideas - ideas which differ wildly from the values and beliefs held by most parents and teachers. 

Here in Australia, the Victorian government has mandated that school children be subjected to harmful transgender ideology & erotic sexuality curriculums. These undermine the safety of students, the rights of parents and the dignity of the teaching profession.  


Governments have threatened to take children from parents, and licenses from teachers if they do not comply.  


Promoted as ‘anti-bullying’, ‘resilience,’ ‘sexuality’ or ‘mental health’ initiatives, these policies and materials are endangering the physical and mental health of all students by:


  1. removing parental rights (e.g., to be informed if their child decides to live as the opposite gender at school or if their child has been declared a ‘mature minor’ and is accessing medical/psychological treatments at school),

  2. replacing neutral, fact-based sex-education with inappropriately erotic & explicit ‘comprehensive sexuality’ programs (these erode professional boundaries between students and teachers and make students uncomfortable and unsafe),

  3. teaching transgender/gender ideology as fact, instead of an unsubstantiated philosophy.  

This is an attack on the kids you care deeply about, which is why, via this website, we need to stand up and speak out … ‘In defence of children’.  And Step One is to gather the facts and stories about what is really happening in schools, and how it is impacting vulnerable children.'

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