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sex education for toddlers

Babies and Toddlers taught LGBTQ Curriculum at Victorian Day Care Centre Last Wednesday was my son’s last day at his daycare centre. I made the decision to abruptly pull him out of this centre upon scanning a recent email informing parents that the children would be the latest pawns in an “inclusivity” agenda to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia for the May 17th IDAHOBIT DAY. This would be called “Rainbow Day” and the small children, who can barely talk, would participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory. Feeling sideswiped by the news of IDAHOBIT day at the daycare, I called the centre manager. I was informed that not only was Rainbow Day on the agenda but that LGBTQ material was a “part of the children’s curriculum”. Now, I am very supportive of adults making their own decisions about how they live their lives, but I will never accept using children to make a group of adults feel validated about these decisions and lifestyles, especially regarding the topic of sex. It is no longer about doing what is best for the kids – but about making a group of adults feel better for the sake of “inclusivity”. This is the definition of narcissism, and we should know better. In Victoria in 2011, there were around a dozen referrals to the Royal Children’s Hospital of young people under aged 18 seeking gender treatment. In 2020 that number was just under 500, and last year in 2021 it was over 800. That was just in Victoria. These numbers are consistent with trends in both the US and the UK. Ask yourselves, parents, do we as adults bear the responsibility for any of this? What are we pushing our children towards, and who stands to gain over the long term from medicalizing and sterilizing children for life? Australian parents, check your school’s diversity, equity and inclusion policies, look at the curriculum for health and wellbeing lessons, and know if there are any outside organizations being brought in to facilitate these lessons. If you find subject matter that simultaneously flies in the face of biological reality, science, human reason, and history, you have an ideological doctrine on your hands. We have no choice but to be hyper-vigilant of what is happening in schools, even for the very young.


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