your 4 yr old son can choose if he is a boy or a girl

I told my son's kindergarten teachers that I didn't agree with gender ideology and that I wanted them to assure me that they wouldn't teach it to him.

They told me that their clients were the children, not the parents, and that it was their job to serve the children- and that meant that if my 4 year old son said he wanted to be a girl, they'd "affirm" him and help him express his "gender diverse identity".

They warned me that if I didn't support that kind of thing, that I was actually at risk of being charged with child abuse. They called it 'conversion therapy' to not want my kid to believe the lie that people can change their sex with their thoughts.

I said thanks so much and left. At home I withdrew his application and said I was sending him to a different day-care centre, but my husband and I have just decided to home-schooled him. And it turns out we aren't the only ones in this exact situation.


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to whom it may concern, firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised

“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.