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without mum's approval

At my school (public school in NSW), we have had a few students "transition". One in particular was a girl, 13 years old, with an extremely traumatic background associated with her dad. She decided that she wanted to transition to become a boy.

Her mum did not want her to make the decision at that early age and did not support it. However, some of the wellbeing staff at school pushed to have her name changed on rolls, provide the boys uniform for her and continue to seek approval from her mum.

I attempted to fight on behalf of the mum, but was told I wasn't inclusive enough.

Everything happened without the mum's approval.

We now need to print two school reports - one for the mum and one for the student so that she doesn't have a tantrum at school.

I have also had to intervene when other students have called her by "she" or "her" absentmindedly, as they get in trouble and she gets away with swearing at them and throwing a tantrum because of it.


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