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unreasonable demands made on schools, teachers, and students to accommodate gender identity

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

  • Kaiapoi High School. There is a male student identifying as female who uses the girls changing room and they were made to feel they weren’t allowed to object. Parents were not consulted and are not actually even supposed to know about the student.

  • My granddaughter, who is 13, has just moved from Christchurch to the North Island. Her 1st day of high school has been a shocker. The first thing she was asked by the kids in the class is what pronouns she goes by is she non gender, lesbian, or trans. She had no idea what they were talking about and can't relate to anyone in the class.

  • Rolleston College. The kids are having sex in the unisex toilets. I think all the toilets are unisex. Basically, because everyone can go in together, stalls get used for sex.


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