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trans-identifying male takes job as female online tutor for minors.

We live in Victoria and recently my daughter was taking lessons from an online tutoring company based in NSW. I specifically requested female tutor/s. One day I received a call asking to change her tutor on short notice as her regular one was not able to make the lesson.

I was running errands at the time and though I wasn't familiar with the name, that it ended with 'A' I decided not to confirm if the tutor was female. My daughter missed the lesson as it happened and slightly frustrated, I logged online to review the account a few days later.

The photo of the tutor was definitely male but using 'she' and 'her' in the short biography beneath his photo. I called the company and made it clear that I expressed quite clearly that I expected female tutors.

It wasn't my.interest what the internal policy of the company of the company is. I pointed out to them that they had overridden my instructions, that this is a safeguarding risk since I do not have my daughter communicating with men she doesn't know from her computer, and that several religious faiths do not permit this type of contact between young females and unrelated males.

I escalated my complaint to a manager who was quick to refund the fees for that lesson, the fees for the future lesson (they take payment a week in advance) and cancelled my contract immediately, typically it is a month's notice. I can only think that the reason they were so amenable was because they knew that these emperor's new clothes pretensions are out of order.


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