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The undermining of parental rights by schools teaching transgender ideas without proper consultation

  • (During Pride week) So at our local NZ high school you are to wear pronoun labels of your choice. He or she is not encouraged however. They or theybe is acceptable. Not kidding. Mine have prior arrangements this week so will be home.

  • My friend has requested her 7 year old not participate in any more Pride activities this week. As a result her daughter was sent to a different class three separate times today. Sarah (not real name) was taught all about pride today, shown the flags and how they represent: boy loving a boy, girl loving a girl, or you may have been born a little girl but actually you think you might be a boy but there is a flag for that too. Then coloured in the flag and put it on a t-shirt. No notification given to parents at all. PS The teacher makes a big show of excluding Sarah from the class every time they do a “diversity” activity.

  • My daughter (aged 10) has a trans girl in her year group. This child did a presentation to the year group. My daughter said it was a slideshow - she thinks it was a children’s book as it looked like proper illustrations. All about a cat that wanted to be pink. At the end the child urged everyone to use the pronouns people prefer. Around that time my daughter went into the principal’s office and she had a box of pronoun badges (they/them, he/she etc) but my daughter says she hasn’t seen any staff member wearing one. I had already asked the school to tell me if my kids were going to be taught that anyone was “born in the wrong body” a year earlier.

  • Trident High school. This video was shown on 16 June 2021, to over one thousand 13 - 18 year old secondary students. It is propaganda for the unscientific idea that people are born with an innate ‘gender identity’. Range of Gender Identities Moderators notes: These short testimonies with a similar theme so they've been collated into one post.


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