sexism alive and well

I am a former special education teacher working with intellectually disabled students.

Despite many of these children not having the cognitive capacity to read, write their own names or do basic arithmetic, our schools have been told we must spend incredible amounts of time implementing the “Respectful Relationships” curriculum.

This means teaching feminist concepts around “gender” roles to students. It is done very badly, for example, the priority is making them 'look at sex stereotypes' in fairy tales - instead of focusing first and foremost on teaching them how to read said fairytales!

Sadly, many of the boys in particular have internalised the message that they’re bad just because they’re boys in response to this curriculum because cognitively that’s all they’re taking from it.

And then the transgender materials actually depend on sexist stereotypes to explain the concept of 'gender identity'- so a boy knows he has a 'female gender identity' because he has always 'like girly things' and 'being with girls' etc.

Either way, the kids are getting taught sexism!


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