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School boy refuses to back down - biological sex is reality.

My youngest son is enrolled at a big state co-Ed high school. Last year when he was in year 10, he was kicked out of his Social Studies class by his female long-term reliever teacher for affirming that biological sex is fixed, determined at birth (actually even before, in the womb) and can never be changed and neither can a person’s DNA ever be changed. The teacher told him he was being disrespectful to trans people and that they were whatever gender or sex they wanted to be. He argued with her that this was misleading and the scientific fact of biological sex was the reality - he’s a bit Asperger’s so will always stick to his guns to make his point. By this stage she was really angry with him, demanded an apology which he wouldn’t give, as he said he was speaking the truth so she told him to get out of the classroom. After class, she lectured him but he stuck to his guns. He said that she was always bringing up what he called “women’s issues” during class and the whole class hated it because she was so angry and forceful about the issues. He bunked this class a lot after this incident. He is also very annoyed that so many teachers have ‘Rainbow Affiliate ’ stickers on their laptops. In his 15 year old mind, he feels that this takes things too far because most of the school do not fit into the rainbow spectrum and are sick of it being crammed down their throats. His current maths teacher tells the class they don’t have to do the problems in their text books that mention boys and girls because it’s not inclusive of the transgender kids (of which there are very few in the entire school). Furthermore, when at the school recently for parent/teacher conferences, going from classroom to classroom as we met with his teachers, we noticed posters with the rainbow colours and talking points around rainbow issues. These were professional made posters not hand drawn. There were also student made posters all over the place advertising a sausage sizzle for the trans/ rainbow affiliate students at a certain place and time the following week. I can only say we were overwhelmed by this in-your-face approach by a small but very vocal minority for issues that involve such a small number of students. Please consider all these points as the grass roots attitude of mainstream NZ. Let the expression of thoughts, opinions and attitudes be carefully taught as just that - the thoughts, opinions and attitudes of some in society but not the majority. It is not appropriate for teachers to push their own agenda to impressionable young people who often aren’t yet mature enough to discern between fact and fiction and half-truths. We should respect all people and be kind, courteous and non-discriminatory but please let truth prevail. More than ever, it’s the time to remember the tale of the Emperor with no clothes.


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