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Pushing taxpayer funded mastectomy & castration

My child goes to a public school in Victoria.

The school newsletter has joyfully reported that "all toilets now have inclusive signage" I am sure many parents do not realise that this signifies that boys will now be allowed into girls toilets- and vice versa.

The newsletter has also included a link to a petition to the federal government asking for "gender affirming surgery" to be publicly funded. The school has a thriving "Queer Club".

These are only a couple of examples of the multiple ways in which gender ideology is promoted in the school. Victoria is a gender ideologist's paradise. The most draconian "gender conversion therapy ban" legislation in the world has just been passed- it will lead to gender non conforming kids being deprived of the mental health care they need, and funnelled to medical transition instead and will do great harm.


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