Pushing taxpayer funded mastectomy & castration

My child goes to a public school in Victoria.

The school newsletter has joyfully reported that "all toilets now have inclusive signage" I am sure many parents do not realise that this signifies that boys will now be allowed into girls toilets- and vice versa.

The newsletter has also included a link to a petition to the federal government asking for "gender affirming surgery" to be publicly funded. The school has a thriving "Queer Club".

These are only a couple of examples of the multiple ways in which gender ideology is promoted in the school. Victoria is a gender ideologist's paradise. The most draconian "gender conversion therapy ban" legislation in the world has just been passed- it will lead to gender non conforming kids being deprived of the mental health care they need, and funnelled to medical transition instead and will do great harm.


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to whom it may concern, firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised

“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.