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Principal indoctrinates other people's kids with own vision of gender & sexuality.

In 2019, at a Victorian inner city high school: At assembly the principal announced how proud she was of being a lesbian and announced that she was introducing a "Gender Sexual Assurance Group" at school to run lunch programmes and training sessions.

But she coerced every single student and every single teacher to attend- she made it seem like if you didn't go, it was undeniable proof that you hated the 'QUEER community' or didn't care that they were being 'oppressed in our society'.

Very quickly, all LGBTIQ issues took over every subject except Maths, through the whole school. There was a big focus on transgenderism and sex, sex, sex. The novels were suddenly full of hardcore sex scenes, heterosexuality and not being interested in every kind of sex available, were taught as 'old fashioned' and 'based in fear'. The science and biology handouts said that humans have 'many sexes', not just two!!!

My daughter became very concerned and told me what was happening and all the pressure she was under to say things she doesn't agree with and how she didn't feel comfortable at school anymore.

She was also really worried for her best friend who had started to be really confused and influenced by it all.

I reported to the Education Department but nothing has eventuated.


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