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Girl wags school to use public toilets

This is a massive topic in my home and I prefer to not state my name or where/ what school my kids go to. The first thing we noticed since our children started high school was the change in them as they are coaxed into being something they are not and being autistic they feel that its how life is to follow that of other influence esp. if they want to get along with the other kids.

This is a big issue because it detracts from who they are and their education because they are thinking they are someone they are not and you try to support them but they just become fixated with what am i and it gets confusing to them.

The second one is the trans genders that enter the girls bathroom. My baby comes home scared to go to the bathroom at school and holds it all day and this is a concern. She told us that she feels threatened in her school bathroom, a room that was designed for girls to keep them safe but has become a place for males to mingle in the bathroom.

Sports for girls at the school has decreased as many feel that they are competing against the boys and don't feel safe enough to shower in the bathroom knowing there is males that are being accepted into the room.

My baby girl, has been having issues with her tummy, been to see the doctor and has had a few infections in her bladder/ urine infections. The doctor told her to go to the bathroom at school and she said- i cant because the boys are in there all the time and they look up girls skirts and even under the doors while we go to the toilet. She had told the teachers and they said as long as they are transgender they can be in there without any problems. Now they are afraid to go. She now wags school to go to a public toilet- she is forced to leave the school grounds to go to the toilet and her specialists have mentioned her concerns to the school but the school cant adhere to them because if the do they feel like they are in breech because they will be discriminating against a child's wish to be someone they are not. Ie: they call themselves the opposite sex. This is very nerve rattling for me as my little girl feels like her rights are not listened to and has to break school rules by leaving the school just to feel safe in a bathroom made for her. Its a worry for many parents here. Its sad how things have become. I don't believe that they should share the same bathrooms as girls but have a complete separate one just for them to use and make everyone feel comfortable while at school- same with school gym bathrooms and showers.


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