girl coerced to sign 'gender transition celebration card' whilst losing her rights...

My daughter left homeschooling to try year 6 at a local public primary school because she didn't want to miss out. So I enrolled her in the same school and class as her best friend.

Shortly afterwards, one of her male classmates decided to announce he was 'transgendering' to female.

A letter went to all parents informing us that this male child would be allowed to use female toilets and reminded us that the school won't tolerate any 'discrimination'. The class had a celebration with party, cakes and all the children were coerced to write messages of congratulations on a card to the child. My daughter was very unsettled and confused.

Then the school invited Family Planning, an outside body, into the primary school to teach our young innocent children Sexual Education-which use to be teachers role. I was not offered the chance to opt out of it for my daughter. When I found out, I was so shocked at the materials and resources used.

Things got so bad that halfway thorough the year, my daughter begged us to resume homeschooling. She couldn't bear the stress and confusion and lack of privacy brought on by the gender ideology being taught.


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“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.