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Gaslighting girls

My daughter was in a Respectful Relationships class at high school and a scenario was presented where there was a trans-boy who wanted to use the girls change rooms for PE and some of the girls didn't want her (him) in there.

The girls in this scenario were represented as being 'mean' and 'bullying' the trans-kid. My daughter and her friends sat silently through this lesson as they did not want to bring any negative attention to themselves for being 'unaccepting' and 'excluding' the trans-kid.

During lunch, my daughter and her friends all agreed (privately) that they wouldn't want a boy in their change room and that it would make them feel uncomfortable.

This program takes away the right for young women to set boundaries, and if they attempt to speak up, then they are the ones who are not being 'inclusive' and need to be 'educated' about trans rights.

It takes a lot of courage for a teenager to stand up to this ideology, and no teenager wants to be ostracised for saying the 'wrong' thing by their peers or the school.


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