Dubious sex education for 8 year olds

My granddaughter is 8 years old and attends state school in Brisbane North. There was a discussion about what to call her vagina. A teacher suggested an alternative and that was the word "cupcake". I immediately thought about reading the terrible case of Daniel Morecombe where he was referred to by a paedophile as "Christmas Cake"
This is not beneficial to any 8 years old but it must beneficial to somebody or group to insist on inserting dubious sex education in a curriculum. I believe it is seen as useful in the ultimate aim of political indoctrination in their teenage and adult life. One's sexuality is a powerful force and once it kicks in it can be manipulated as a tool of persuasion by a trained individual who is consumed by tyrannical political zealotry.

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to whom it may concern, firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised

“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.