Confused kids, confuse kids

My son is in year 9*. He has a crush on a girl who has since come out as a gay trans boy with a couple of other kids in her year.
This is confusing my kids sexual identity. He’s wondering if he’s pansexual as he has a crush on a trans kid or is he now gay because of it? I’ve reassured him and said love who you love, I only care if they are a good person or not.
My heart goes to the trans kids, they were just average girls in year 7 and just spent too much time going down discord and tiktok rabbit holes during lockdown. It is absolutely a cluster, they are just confused teens. * Year 9, 14-15 years old.

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to whom it may concern, firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised

“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.