children's desire for privacy labelled as 'bias' & ignored.

We live in regional Victoria. Our young daughter is being forced to have a “toilet buddy” of the opposite gender, (apparently as part of something to do with 'anti-bias programs').

She is only in grade prep. She is confused and uncomfortable with arrangement, and the teacher and the school know that. But nothing has changed.

Every day, if she wants to go to the toile, this 'buddy' stands at the entry of the toilet facility and waits while she enters and she finds it so upsetting.

We are worried she will damage herself trying to hold on until recess.


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to whom it may concern, firstly, thank you for setting up this website. I think that freedom of speech and inequality in society means full transparency and accountability, no matter how 'marginalised

“Rainbow Day” where small children, who can barely talk, will participate in activities indoctrinating them into radical gender theory.