An exponential increase in children identifying as ‘transgender’ and being affirmed at school

My 12-year-old daughter tells me that about half her intermediate class is LGBTQIA+. The other half are straight. I’m not kidding. Everyone has been “coming out” this year.

At the beginning of the year, they all told the teacher their pronouns. If they change their mind, they just let the teacher know their new pronouns. She knows about four trans kids. When I was surprised and used one girl’s original name, my daughter said, that’s dead naming, Mum. The kids are all told about gender and sexuality. She said her best mate was gay because another girl told her she liked her. She told me that choosing to be trans was a much bigger choice than being gay or bi or pansexual (yep) because it involved puberty blockers and surgery. She described to me what puberty blockers were, and she was under the impression you could easily stop taking them. She said in 2019, no one was really talking about this stuff, but now they’re all talking about it. They have a Pride rainbow bridge at the school.

They are just kids! So naïve and innocent and they’re claiming to be nonbinary! I don’t care if my girls are lesbians or bi or straight, but I want them to learn and grow in private, at their own pace. And I am dreading either of them being drawn into the rainbow trans cult.


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