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3yr old gender theory behind parent's backs as 'anti-sexism'.

Without our knowledge or consent, our boy's 3 year old kinder was part of a program last year called 'Exploring gender in the early years'.

The first we were aware of it was when he noticed another boy going into the kinder wearing a tutu and pointed it out to my wife.

My wife said it was a bit strange- and he took offence and said no way, it was fine because his kinder teacher said it was fine and that they had been reading a book about it. He even had a little ditty/chant that they had learnt off by heart about it.

Only after all this, were we invited to a webinar about what they had already taught the children.

They made it sound like it was all about stereotypes, but we worked out from our son that it all about gender identity theory.


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