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3 full days of sex education for 6 year olds...

I am a Victorian. My friend has some language barriers and I often help her communicate with her 6 year old daughter's school about day to day issues.

One day, the daughter brought home a notice from her public school stating that they would be cancelling classes for three full days to run their 'comprehensive sexuality education' programs, (even in prep and grade one).

Obviously, I raised concerns about what would be considered age appropriate 'sexuality education' that would take up three whole days of class time for 5 and 6 year olds.

I became even more concerned when the school staff wouldn't provide much information about what was going to be taught or how ( 'sex and sexuality' using 'classroom discussions').

Of course, after the three-day program was over it was very clear from the girls behaviour that way more than the birds and the bees had been discussed, and that it had been shocking and upsetting to her.

Why are schools behaving as though they don't have to share information with parents, and why are they spending so much time on sex and sexuality for very pre-pubescent children?


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