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4. Clinical support for detransitioned people


We note that current APS policy provides no guidance to members on how they might support detransitioners who have complex needs.  Given that transition regret often includes lack of trust of health professionals who facilitated harm, there is a risk that detransitioned people could seek help from a psychologist who, being ill-informed, amplified the harm.

We think it important that the APS provide members with guidance on therapeutic care of people who detransition. The taskforce will not be able to make a decision about this without first listening to the experience of detransitioners.


We ask APS to examine:


Detransitioners report being shunned by LGBTQ networks and getting little help from health professionals. Listen to Sinead in this video.


Stories from detrans people at Post Trans and Detrans Voices.


Detrans people have had to self-organise support. The APS panel would better understand their needs if you read the booklet: Gender Detransition: the path towards self-acceptance


A subreddit forum on detransitioning/desisting now has 23 thousand participants.


Transgender regret: detransitioners got poor care while transitioning


No, transition regret is not like regretting a tattoo - blog of Some Nuance Please


Social influence - from Some Nuance Please


IATDD International Association of Therapists for Desisters and Detransitioners


Introduction to detransition for therapists


Therapeutic needs of desisters and detransitioners


Butler, Catherine, and Anna Hutchinson. 2020. ‘Debate: The Pressing Need for Research and Services for Gender Desisters/Detransitioners’. Child and Adolescent Mental Health.


Gaps in knowledge for provision of therapeutic care

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