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5. The importance of science-based information
about biological sex


Grounding in the reality of biological sex is relevant to transition and mental health, as articulated by transsexual Corinna Cohn. Fifteen years of post-transition deep depression and dysphoria lifted with self-acceptance: “It was an epiphany.... encounters that had previously left me confused and anxious started to make more sense when i realized I’d experienced them as a transsexual and not as a woman.”

For 30 Years, I’ve Tried to Become a Woman. Here’s What I Learned Along the Way


There is now widespread confusion about the difference between sex and gender. It is common to hear a denial of biological sex via the assertion that ‘sex is a spectrum’. There is no scientific basis for this. Sex is binary. Males produce sperm. Females produce ova. Evolution involved sexual selection. No mammal has ever changed sex.


Helpful, science-based information:

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