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Gender doctrine for all

My husband and I are not religious. But when the Andrews Government made the unscientific ‘Safe Schools’ program mandatory in State schools, we knew we had to get our kids out of there. As a medical professional, I was horrified- absolutely horrified- to read the new curriculum and resources, which not only ignored basic, objective facts about human sexual biology, but also taught kids that high-risk sexual activities are to be embraced and explored instead avoided for basic health reasons! Kids were very clearly going to be less safe after sitting through these fantasies parading as education.

We still can’t believe we were forced to go to a Religious School to get good science education for our kids, but we were less concerned about a bit of religious education than we were about outright indoctrination where ‘gender identity’ replaced biological sex.

There were a few little Christian schools around, but we decided to go with the local Catholic school because they seemed to have better grounds and resources. We were specifically reassured by the principal that none of that unscientific transgender theory would enter the school or be taught to our kids, and we just taught our kids our own sexual ethics at home- in fact, I was really pleased with how the Christian view on sexuality was presented in a way that wasn’t homophobic at all.

So, all went well for a while.

But in 2019 I found out that across Victoria there were big changes going on in all the Catholic Schools. After some digging, I found out that all our school policies were quietly altered to replace the word “sex” with the word “gender”.

I was shattered.

I don’t want my kids lied to about their own bodies! I don’t want my kids taught that it’s ok to indulge in hate for their own sexed body! What kind of madness is this? I want my kids taught to accept & treasure and appreciate the only body they will ever have, they only sex they will ever be.

It was even more disappointing for us because Catholic schools have faith-based protections when it comes to maintaining the male/female binary and other biblical beliefs. That’s why we, as atheists (and in fact, all our friends who feel the same way) felt that our kids would be safe in Catholic schools! So why did they cave?

I started asking questions at the school about the change in terminology and we were told by a senior staff member that it wasn’t even required by the government, it was just the direction the leaders had chosen because they wanted to be ‘inclusive’, ‘politically correct’, ‘language compliant’ (what even is that?), ‘language consistent’, and the most disappointing reason of all, we were actually told that this is ‘just the way the world is going’.

It seems that Adam and Eve have evolved and now it’s gender doctrine for all.



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