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10. The new, hostile environment for LGB young people


The abrupt shift to queer ideology impacts LGB people, particularly young people coming to realise they are same sex attracted. In just a few years, homosexuality has been redefined as ‘same-gender attracted’ instead of ‘same-sex’, negating decades of work to establish that homosexuality is a sexual orientation, not a preference. If it was a preference, electric shocks would have worked when applied to the bodies of gay men.


In the new queer cultural landscape young LGB people are expected to ‘re-learn their preferences’. Lesbians and gay men who state they are same sex attracted are told they are bigots in moralising Tiktok videos. Lesbians should make public announcements that they welcome sex with male-bodied people (most transwomen keep their penises). Failure to comply risks accusations of transphobia and bigotry, sometimes accompanied by sexualized threats such as “choke on my d–k”


Homosexuality and heterosexuality are stable patterns of sexual attraction. The word sex in each word tells us that this is about the sexed body. We make sense of our sexuality through our senses, experiencing desire as we move through puberty.  


It is important that psychologists understand this new cultural landscape and its impact on LGB people. Young people have difficulty coming to terms with same sex attraction if shamed for describing their experience and personal boundaries. The new cultural rules are mirrored in gathering spaces. Lesbians may be banned from lesbian dating apps if they state their interest in meeting biological women. While it’s ok to specify material qualities like height on dating apps, gay men might be suspended if they specify biological sex. In Tasmania it is illegal to organise events specifically for same sex attracted women or gay men.


We are profoundly saddened and disturbed to witness the new hostile environment for young LGB people: bullying, sexual harassment, and social control regarding same-sexual orientation. We think it important that psychologists understand these phenomena and its connection to the other issues covered in this document.


We ask APS to examine:


LGLF - The new homophobia 


LGLF - The boxer ceiling - the attack on gay men who say they are attracted to male bodies.


Scroll down to see online abuse directed at gay men 


Lesbians aren't attracted to a female ‘gender identity’. We’re attracted to women. Explains the consequences for young lesbians of the expectation that they should accommodate male bodies.


Lesbians pressured into unwanted sex: We’re being pressured into sex by some transwomen 

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