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child abuse

In Australian the promotion of queer ideology in schools pits school authority against parental authority as to whether the non-gender conforming expression of a child warrants social, medical or surgical intervention. Australia has seen a child removed from her parents in WA for the purpose of breast amputation to affirm her 'male' gender identity, this against the will of her parents. We live in a time where most parents are not aware that a school or state can override the role and responsibility of care of the parent on the issue of gender identity.

Neither are most parents or teachers aware there are risks associated with the medical and surgical transitioning that is part of a
gender affirmation model; which equates to 'affirming' a child is in the wrong body and therefore needs to socially transition and modify their body to the opposite sex. As a result in the early gender clinics of Finland and Sweden where children were put on puberty blocks as young as 9 and 10 at 11 years old have suffered suffered serious adverse effects and physical deformities, which has included osteoporosis.  

Drugs only approved for the use of cancer, endometriosis and castration are being used off-label as 'puberty blockers', despite
failing early animal trials

This page will feature articles on the abuse of children and youth through the policies and practices of the medical and mental health professionals supplanting evidence based care for ideologically centred practices based on queer theory.

Link 1: The LGB Alliance Australia informs the Australian Psychology Society that there Gender policy is harmful to LGB People.

The practice of automatic gender affirmation for adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria, primarily Gay, Autistic and vulnerable children with a past of abuse or mental health issues is creating a cohort of young people who have been sterilized by medical intervention, and who now live with lasting injury from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery.

Recently the LGB Alliance Australia (LGB AA) has stated that the facilitation of these risks and outcomes is an abuse of human rights and with regards to minors, is child abuse. With LGB AA's permission we have produced their letter to the Australian Psychological Society in entirety below, written with the assistance of world-leading psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who work specifically in the field of gender based care and medicine.

We found that Attachment A that provides evidence that needs to be considered in order to avoid the main risks and damages that come with gender affirmation practices.

Please become informed, the sterilisation and irreversible harm to children for the sake of an ideology is a worldwide medical scandal. We have State governments and School departments overstepping their roles in order to embed an ideology pushed by trans lobbies such as ACON in removing safeguarding of children.

As parents, teachers and concerned individuals we need to put a halt to what is fast becoming the next biggest medical scandal; irreversibly damaging the healthy bodies of young people.

This is child abuse.

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