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High school teacher slams ‘disturbing, inappropriate’ curriculum

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Victorian high school teacher Moira Deeming says the safe boundaries between teachers and students are being “destroyed” by a curriculum that teaches incredibly inappropriate and “disturbing” sexual content. Ms Deeming told Sky News Australia a curriculum – which she said came out originally under Victoria’s Safe Schools program – teaches “erotic sexual education” and gender identity ideologies from kindergarten. “Ordinary sexual education respects the privacy of the students – it does not call upon them to divulge their personal sexual preferences or interests … in front of the class,” she said. “There’s a survey that can be given to children so that they can tick which ones [sexual preferences] they would be comfortable with. “As a teacher … I just feel like that’s illegal; that’s sexual harassment. You wouldn’t be allowed to ask those questions in a staff room – why are children being disrespected like this?” Ms Deeming said the curriculum overexplains concepts surrounding sexual anatomy to the point it’s “incredibly inappropriate” and that she would “question the worthiness of any teacher” who said such things to a child. “They’re really destroying those safe boundaries between teachers and students.”


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